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All replacement Vinyls are Heat Molded. When you first unbox and lay it out, the molded sections may appear not to be very pronounced. Once reinstalled onto the actual floorboard of your vehicle they will reshape again to the molded sections and fold creases will relax. The pictures that you view online either in carpet or vinyl are actually sitting inside the floor pan to show the molded areas.

Please view the following video installation if you have not already:

**Note: You may still have some areas where the creases have not completely relaxed - they will. It is like anything good - gets better with time.


a) Once you receive your vinyl flooring remove from the box and lay the vinyl out in room/garage temperature no more than 72/74 degrees for at least 24-48 hours to relax some of the fold creases from packaging. At this time you should also push out the molded sections that are visible.

b) Ready for installation:

NOTE: All Vinyl flooring's are left larger on all sides so fitting the middle section area to the mold and working your way to the rear is very important.

  • Install your jute padding. Yes, you can use some spray trim adhesive to keep from moving around during installation.
  • It is recommended that you fold the vinyl in half and start in the middle section fitting it at the most visible molded areas. " DO NOT MAKE ANY CUTOUTS YET "
  • Work the vinyl towards the Rear section fitting in the molded areas then secure with something heavy to keep in place while starting to test fit the front section.
  • Front Section: This is more difficult if you have a shifter on the floor. It is very important to get the seat riser areas fitted, then move your way to the front foot wells and side and top of the tunnel section. If at this time you feel that the vinyl is fitting in place correctly you can start to make your cutouts for the shifter (if applicable). Always make small cuts like an " X " cut. You can always go back and make larger or trim for a clean finish.
  • Patience and allowing sufficient time for installation will provide you with a vinyl floor you will enjoy for years to come.

If you should encounter any issues during your installation "Stop - Do Not Make Any Cuts in the Vinyl".

Please take pictures of the areas and email for us to review.

[email protected]

Thank you
Staff - Automotive Interiors