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Door Panel Upholstery Trim Kits
These Upholstery Panels are made from the same quality materials used with the Custom Tailored seat covers.
Customer will have to trim to size to fit panel boards.

Finished Size
Finished Size
34" HIGH x 48" WIDE 34" HIGH x 40" WIDE

We offer 2 Styles of Door Panel Upholstery Kits - BASIC Panel or SUPREME Panel
Below we have examples of both styles. Prices are based on Stock Materials

BASIC Upholstery Panel: These will have vertical or horizontal pleats with smooth material that can be used at the top or bottom of the door panel. When ordering you will be prompted to select the height of the smooth material and the remainder will be the pleated material based on the finished size.

Supreme Upholstery Panel: These panels will have a top and bottom smooth panel with the pleated material in the center in either vertical or horizontal pleats. When ordering this item you will be prompted to select the height for each section.

PANEL OPTIONS: All Vinyl Panels - All Cloth Panels - Cloth & Vinyl Panels