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Premium Design


This item is limited to patterns available.

Email us with vehicle information to check on availability for your vehicle.

This diagram is the example of the Premium Design layout. All seat configurations are available.

[You will choose your actual seat type later in the order process.]

  • Gold Areas - [Main Material] - This will be the Pleated Cloth or Quilted Vinyl
  • Brown Areas - [Trim Material] - This will be the matching Smooth Cloth or Vinyl
Choosefrom a wide selection of cloth or vinyl for designing your new seat covers.

The Premium Design provides you with a change to the designstyle for your automotive seat cover by adding a Center Panel to offsetthe 2" Stitch Pleated Cloth or Pleated Vinyl on the seating area. Thecenter panel and trim areas are done in the smooth vinyl. You still have thechoice of adding additional options for a custom appearance. This design can bedone in all one color and really Pops when made in the 2-Tone! Let's checkthings out - select which seats you need to recover and review the additional options,whether in the pleated cloth/vinyl combination or pleated vinyl.