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Hog Ring Style Automotive Seat Covers for Cars and Trucks from late 1940's .

Design Style: Classic
with Horizontal Pleats

Design Style: Standard

Design Style: Premium
with Top Cap Panel

We have very limited patterns for this seat cover line. If you would like to check if available if available for your vehicle just send an email with all your vehicle information.


Looking to upgrade or replace your present automotive interior? Can't find a factory original reproduction style seat cover? Our Aftermarket Custom Tailored Seat Cover Kits are a great alternative that will provide you with a quality, tailor made-to-fit seat cover for your vehicle in either a Vinyl, Cloth or Combination of both materials at a reasonable price. The patterns were designed from actual old seat covers. They are offered for most seat types including bucket seats, split bench or solid bench seats with or without arm rest [free standing or recessed], etc.. Please note, you will need to remove the seats from your vehicle to install the new covers. We even provide you with the Installation Kit! They are not Factory Original Design reproductions, but they are Tailored Made to Fit your specific vehicle made in one of our 4 Design Choices.

Choose one of OUR DESIGNS below:
Diagram images - examples of the DESIGN choices only.
[You will choose your actual seat configurations later in the order process.]

Gold Areas - [Main Material] Pleated Cloth or Vinyl
Brown Areas - [Trim Material] Smooth Cloth or Vinyl

We are very limited on vehicle patterns at this time. If you would like to check the availability for
your vehicle contact us with your vehicle information [ Year, Make, Model, Doors, Body Type ]

Check on Seat Covers for My Vehicle

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Depending on the condition of your underneath foam padding you may need to add some additional foam. We also offer Foam Padding by the yard and Seat Rebuild Kits. Our auto seat covers are made for a permanent type of installation. Installation Kits (Hog Ring Pliers & Hog Rings) are included with each seat cover kit to complete your restoration project. Your options are not limited, as you can two-tone, use contrasting piping (welt cord) colors or change the pleated material to run horizontally (extra charge). Along with that we also offer ALL of our materials by the yard so that you can recover other parts of your interiors to match such as your door panels, package tray, etc. You may also like to check the sewn Door Panel Upholstery [2 Design] - made with the same materials as your seat covers and ready to be cut to size to your door panel boards.