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Door Panel Upholstery Basic Panel - Small/Medium [34" x 40"] Cloth + Vinyl

Door Panel Upholstery Basic Panel - Small/Medium [34" x 40"] Cloth + Vinyl

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Our Price: $190.00
  • Product Info:: These are just the Upholstery Panels sewn to order. Need Panel Boards, see the Waterproof Panel Boards, sold separately.
  • Notes:: Minimum Order - 2 Panels +. Select your quantity before ordering. All made to same size. $95.00/Per Panel
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Door Panel Upholstery
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Door Panel Upholstery
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Enrich your vehicle's interiors with the Door Panel Upholstery Basic Panel - Small/Medium, thoughtfully crafted in a blend of cloth and vinyl. This panel embodies the elegance of smooth vinyl at the top and the warmth of pleated cloth at the bottom, offering a refined touch to your vehicle's doors.


  • Custom Design: Opt between vertical or horizontal pleating for the cloth segment, ensuring a unique and stylish finish.

  • Superior Build: Panels feature a luxe smooth vinyl surface, enhanced with 1/4" foam for added comfort.

  • Seamless Pairing: Meticulously tailored to synchronize with our Waterproof Panel Boards (sold separately).

Indulge in the harmonious blend of sleek vinyl and textured cloth every time you enter your vehicle. With every touch, be reminded of the craftsmanship and quality, making every journey a blend of comfort and luxury.


  • Material: Blend of Cloth + Vinyl (fortified with 1/4" Foam)

  • Dimensions: 34" High x 40" Wide

  • Design Elements: Seamless blend of smooth vinyl top with your choice of vertical or horizontal pleated cloth bottom.

  • Pricing: Set at $95.00 per panel, with a minimum order of 2 panels.

Note: Precision and passion drive our craftsmanship, with each panel being sewn to order. For the perfect base, consider our Waterproof Panel Boards.


All Smooth Panels are sewn with 1/4" Foam


How to Measure:

  • Determine how many inches of the smooth vinyl you would like to have on the face of the panel. This can be either be used for the Top or Bottom section.
  • Add 2" to that amount for wrap around. [ Your measurement 6" in Height - Order 8" ]
  • The remainder will be the Pleated material. [ ex: 34" minus 8" = 26" Pleated ]
We will make all calculations for the pleated material height and adjustments for the seam allowances. You only need to provide us with the height for the smooth vinyl with allowance added.


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