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We Offer 2 Types of Permanent Installation Seat Covers For Vehicles...​

Factory Reproduction Sewn Design Seat Covers
This style of seat cover restores your vehicle back to its original Sewn Stock Appearance.

  • We offer a large selection of patterns for vehicle models. If interested submit an inquiry form and a representative will reply with a confirmation email.  Timeframe: 24 - 48 hours.
  • Many vehicle models can offer more then one style seat configuration or even sewn design.  We may require additional information.
  • Leather - We offer and stock many color shades.  Not all the stock colors will be an exact Factory match.  In some cases we can try to get the original color/grain but these are a special order. Special Order colors will require a sample from the customer for matching.
  • Vinyl - There are many more shades of vinyl offered in the aftermarket.  We will do our best to match the color and grain as close to your vehicle model.
  • Cloth or Cloth/Vinyl Combination -  We can only provide an Aftermarket Cloth to be used for the seat covers.  If you are seeking to match your Original Factory cloth you must be willing to send in a cut sample so that we can see if it is available. The cost of new seat covers using original factory cloth can be higher due to the price of factory original cloth per yard.  
  • We do not provide partial section pieces for any vehicles.  Such as the driver seat cushion, passenger seat cushion, etc. You must purchase the Front Unit or Rear Unit. 
  • These seat covers will install the same way as the originals (in most cases) using the sewn in listing pockets for the wire inserts, the special plastic J-Clips and/or zippers/velcro sections that are part of the original seat cover.  In cases of unavailable hardware we substitute with the best option found in the aftermarket.



If factory reproduction sewn style seat covers are not available, you may be interested in -

Aftermarket - Custom Tailored Seat Covers
These are tailored made to fit your vehicle but offered in selected Design Layouts only.

  • A great alternative for those older vehicles that we do not offer the Factory Original Sewn Style patterns.
  • They are made to fit each vehicle's actual seat configuration but you must use one of the 4 Pattern Design Layouts and choose from the stock pleated vinyls or 2" stitched pleated cloth materials offered.  No exceptions.
  • These will not have the listings, plastic J-Clips and/or Zippers/Velcro sections for installation - but they do have have additional trim materials added to the perimeter to be hog ring to the springs.
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To check availability for Factory Original replacement seat upholstery or the Aftermarket Custom Tailored seat cover line, proceed below:


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