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We Offer 2 Types of Permanent Installation Seat Covers For Vehicles...​

Factory Original Sewn Style Seat Covers
These will restore your vehicle back to its Sewn Stock Appearance.

  • These reproduction seat covers are made to replicate the original stock sewn appearance.
  • Can be made in Leather or Vinyl. Original Cloth is not always available but can be reviewed.
  • They install the same way as your originals (in most cases) using the listing pockets for the
    wire inserts, the special plastic J-Clips and/or zippers that are found on newer vehicles.



Or if Originals are not available you may be interested in -

Custom Tailored Seat Covers
These are tailored made to fit your vehicle but offered in selected Design Layouts.

  • A great alternative for older vehicles that we do not offer the Factory Original Sewn Style patterns.
  • They will not have the listings, plastic J-Clips and/or Zippers for installation - but will have additional material added to the perimeter to be hog ring to the springs.
  • These are made to fit your vehicle's seat but are limited to the 4 Pattern Design Layouts and only available in the stock materials offered. No exceptions.
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To check availability for Factory Original replacement seat upholstery or the Aftermarket Custom Tailored seat cover line, proceed below:


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