Automotive Interiors products for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.



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Automotive Interiors for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.

Automotive Interiors for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.

Automotive Interiors for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.

Automotive Interiors for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.

Automotive Interiors for cars and trucks.  Seat covers, headlining, and carpets.


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These graphics are printed on a mechanically perforated vinyl material. The material is 50% material and 50% holes. The human eye picks up light reflected from objects. This material capitalizes on this fact. From outside your eyes see the light reflected off the colorful, high resolution graphics, blending the holes. It looks like a solid image. The adhesive side, which faces inside is black. When you look out from the inside of the vehicle, your eyes see the light reflected from objects outside e.g. cars, scenery etc. and blend in the black. Very cool! 

Rock,N,Roll  WC409001-1
Xtreme Bass  WC409002-1
Pimp Clown  WC409003-1




Skull Of Steel  WC409004-1
Chopper Of Steel  WC409005-1
Bullet Holes  WC409006-1




Hard Tribal  WC409007-1
Flaming Tribal  WC409008-1
Hot Tribal  WC409009-1




Tribal Femme  WC409010-1
Trapped Skull  WC409011-1
Graveyard  WC409012-1




Devil's Fury  WC409013-1
Celestial Winds  WC409014-1
Athena  WC409015-1




Temptress  WC409016-1
Celtic Storm  WC409017-1
Love Birds  WC409018-1




Angel  WC409019-1
Dark Dragon  WC409020-1
Live the Legend  WC409021-1




44 Skulls  WC409022-1
A Fairy's Wish  WC409023-1
Alien  WC409024-1




All Gave Some  WC409025-1
Annihilatior  WC409026-1
Arisen Zombie  WC409027-1




Bikes Babes Beer  WC409028-1
Blazen Skulls  WC409029-1
Blood Ring  WC409030-1




Bomb Girl  WC409031-1
Bombs Away  WC409032-1
Bulldog  WC409033-1




Bulldog 2  WC409034-1
Clash of the Titans  WC409035-1
Day of the Dead Skull  WC409036-1




Dragon Ball  WC409037-1
Dragon Head Tattoo  WC409038-1
Dragon Skull Celtic  WC409039-1




Dragon Tattoo  WC409040-1
Dragon Tattoo Blue  WC409041-1
Dragon Tattoo Green  WC409042-1




Dragon Tattoo Purple  WC409043-1
Dragon Tattoo Red  WC409044-1
Dragon Tattoo Yellow  WC409045-1




Eagle Legend 66  WC409046-1
Fear lab  WC409047-1
Fear No Evil  WC409048-1




Fire Power  WC409049-1
Flame Eagle 66  WC409050-1
Flame Eagle 66 Sky  WC409051-1




Flame Maltese 2  WC409052-1
Flaming Ace Skull  WC409053-1
Flaming Skulls Tattoo  WC409054-1




Gear Skull  WC409055-1
Generator  WC409056-1
Get'n Lucky  WC409057-1




Grim Reaper  WC409058-1
Gun Skull  WC409059-1
Gun Skull 2  WC409060-1




Hands  WC409061-1
Hellbound  WC409062-1
Historic Route  WC409063-1




Iron Cross  WC409064-1
Iron Cross Blue  WC409065-1
Iron Cross Red  WC409066-1




Jester Checker  WC409067-1
Jester Eyes  WC409068-1
Jester Vampire  WC409069-1




Lighting Roof  WC409070-1
Memphis Belle  WC409071-1
Miss Behavin  WC409072-1




Peek A Boo Skull  WC409073-1
Pierced Skull  WC409074-1
Pin Up Girl  WC409075-1




Pistons Skull  WC409076-1
Pistons Skull 2  WC409077-1
Psycho Clown  WC409078-1




Racing Skull  WC409079-1
Route 66 Black  WC409080-1
Route 66 Eagle  WC409081-1




Route 66 Metal  WC409082-1
Shoulder Tattoo 1  WC409083-1
Shoulder Tattoo 2  WC409084-1




Shoulder Tattoo 3 Flesh  WC409085-1
Shoulder Tattoo 3 Silver  WC409086-1
Skull & Crossbones  WC409087-1




Skull & Wrenches 2  WC409088-1
Skull Checker  WC409089-1
Skull Tattoo  WC409090-1




Skull Wing  WC409091-1
Skulls  WC409092-1
Snake Pit  WC409093-1




Star Kiss  WC409094-1
String of Skulls  WC409095-1
Terminator  WC409096-1




The Attendant  WC409097-1
Tribal Maltese  WC409098-1
Tribal Wings  WC409099-1




Tribal Wolf  WC409100-1
Unchained  WC409101-1
USA Skulls  WC409102-1




USA Skulls 2  WC409103-1
Warthog  WC409104-1
Winged 66  WC409105-1




Attendant Eyes  WC409106-1
Drive It Like You Stole It  WC409107-1
Flame Maltese  WC409108-1




Greaser & His Girl  WC409109-1
Hear Speak See Evil  WC409110-1
Hot Rodders - Blue  WC409111-1




Hot Rodders - Grey  WC409112-1
Rabid Hawg  WC409113-1
Red Dragon  WC409114-1




Rodeo First Prize  WC409115-1
Search for Spare Change  WC409116-1
Shoulder Tattoo 3 Original  WC409117-1




Skull & Wrenches  WC409118-1
Teens Out Cruizing - Grey  WC409119-1
Teens Out Cruizing - Orange  WC409120-1




V-Twin Skull  WC409121-1





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